17 April 2012


I am sending this to my blog with a new installation of Windows 7 and outlook 2010.

Apart from that, not much to say.

09 April 2010

Jasper Moxey and Jeeves Moxey of Redfern

The two hounds faithfully guarding Redfern House.

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24 March 2010

04 December 2009

Google Dictionary

I tried Google Dictionary, and isn't it just the right amount of dictionary on one page?

22 November 2009


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15 November 2009

The deck is oiled

30 October 2009

Local Artists Adorn Building

My talented bretheren again find time, paint and the wherewithall to adorn another building in the Surry Hills/Redfern area. God Bless their inventiveneess.


05 June 2009

Local Wit

I never tire of the inventiveness and wit of my neighbours in Surry Hills

28 May 2009

A Tribute To Victoria

A dearest friend turned a significant age a few weeks ago.

In tribute, this tone poem pays homage to her. I acknowledge all those who contributed to this work, and thank them for their inspiration, courage and vigour.


06 May 2009

Preferred Carrier

Karlfest endorses Qantas Airways for all routes

22 February 2009

Red Cross

Antho does his bit in Melbourne

09 February 2009

The Streets Of Whistler

Two Snow Bunnies wander The Streets Of Whistler. Karlfest celebrates Catherine Howes' mastery of the snow '09.

07 February 2009


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23 January 2009

House Double

Stand in for the popular US tv show lead in Australia.

12 January 2009

Long Service Tart

Klaus Allwicher celebrates 10 years in the business by baking a fine fruit flan.